It is a satisfying feeling to know that when you help touch the lives of the needy, you are in turn touching your future. Through nourishing meals, an education for their future, and the opportunity to be empowered, you give thousands of Nigeria’s less privilege the chance to live a full life, and that feels very, very good!

Our response to the poor, hungry, hurting, and destitute is clear. We must help! Together we can be part of the solution. Here’s how you can join hands with us to help fight hunger and poverty and bring hope to those in need:-

  • Educate yourself about the plight of the poor, what life is like for one-third of the world’s population, and how socio-economic and political forces impact the quality of life in different parts of the world. Get on our mailing list, you’ll learn a lot from our monthly letter and quarterly Field Report.
  • Become an advocate. Share what you learn with friends and family. Talk about the issues and solutions with your religious institutions, business, and community.
  • GIVE + PRAY + DO: Support our projects that you’re passionate about. Think even bigger… pick a particular project, and plan a fundraiser that inspires others to make a difference. Someone in our Development Department can help with ideas or help make your fundraising idea become a reality.
  • If you’re in a position of influence in business or industry, your company can contribute non-perishable food items, medical, educational, agricultural, or building supplies towards relief projects.

Crowd Funding / Donations

Join us and together we can impact our communities one SQUARE METRE PER TIME. The African adage “A PERSON IS A PERSON BECAUSE OF OTHER PERSONS” rings true in our organisation.

We have chosen to appreciate all those who partner with our organisation to raise funds for all our causes. Bearing this in mind, we will have quarterly report showcasing all the projects carried out during each quarter.

As a Donor Member by helping us to fundraise, you stand a chance to be rewarded as follows:-

Membership Donation N10,000.

Introduce six donor members with team collaboration as part of your fundraising assistance and be rewarded with your initial membership donation plus a gift worth your membership donation from our sponsors. It is our way of saying THANK YOU and EMPOWERING YOU as well.